The Signs of Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety can go for years without being treated because it's easy to confuse the signs with normal emotions or because we attribute the sadness or stress to a certain event and expect the feelings to go away. It's important to recognize both of these so that we can get help as soon as possible.

At War With Depression: When it Took my Friend and Won the Battle

The thing about depression is that it feels like such a selfish thing to have. You fail to notice anything but the heavy weight on your shoulders. I never noticed my friend was being bullied. It came as a surprising blow when he chose to die. It was all a downward spiral from there: A comfortable relationship, a crush on a girl and the realization that if I wanted to be with her I would have to leave my family.

At War With Depression: How it all Started.

I struggle a lot with depression and anxiety. Some of that had to do with figuring out my sexuality at some point, but in reality, it goes way farther than that: Growing up in the aftermath of a civil war, as I watched my friends get kidnapped and people disappear.