A Coming Out Letter to my Very Conservative Parents

Coming out to someone is always hard, it's harder when you know they have been taught to disapprove of the LGBTQ+ community. In this letter, I come out to my very conservative, catholic parents. I wrote this as preparation for what I would say in real life, but they never allowed me to get the words out. I chose to share it with you because I know a lot of people struggle with being accepted by their families. I thought this letter could help give you ideas.

At War With Depression: When it Took my Friend and Won the Battle

The thing about depression is that it feels like such a selfish thing to have. You fail to notice anything but the heavy weight on your shoulders. I never noticed my friend was being bullied. It came as a surprising blow when he chose to die. It was all a downward spiral from there: A comfortable relationship, a crush on a girl and the realization that if I wanted to be with her I would have to leave my family.

At War With Depression: How it all Started.

I struggle a lot with depression and anxiety. Some of that had to do with figuring out my sexuality at some point, but in reality, it goes way farther than that: Growing up in the aftermath of a civil war, as I watched my friends get kidnapped and people disappear.